CBX | The Silk | Hybrid | 3.5g

By Cannabiotix


Introducing "The Silk," an exquisite blend of Cereal Milk and Kush Mountains, meticulously crafted to showcase its OG lineage. This exclusive phenotype exudes a robust aroma of earthy tones intertwined with hints of lemony vapors, embodying the essence of its heritage. Adorned with dense, resinous buds boasting a vibrant mix of greens and purples, it is generously coated with trichomes, enhancing its elevated terpene profile. Delight in the nuanced flavors of chocolate hashish and deep forest kush as you indulge in the silky smooth smoke that effortlessly fills your lungs and uplifts your spirit. Experience a soothing, euphoric relaxation with this greasy, Indica-leaning hybrid, perfect for unwinding both body and mind after a long day.

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