CBX | Blue Flame OG | Indica | 3.5g

By Cannabiotix


Introducing Cannabiotix exceptional creation, born from the marriage of our renowned Thicc Mint Cookies and Private Reserve OG strains. This unique blend stands out in the CBX Genetic Library, giving rise to beloved classics like our award-winning Kush Mountains and Casino Kush. Crafted for the seasoned smoker, this potent strain delivers a true OG experience that leaves you feeling the intensity with just a few hits. Prepare for a heavy-headed high that induces a relaxing, sedating journey through the rich history of authentic California Kush. With its sticky, resinous texture and hints of aquamarine hues, these dense buds gleam with pure fire, boasting minimal leaf for optimal rolling potential. Ideal for combating insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, this strain offers a soothing and tranquil escape.

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