Made | Space Face #25 | Hybrid | 3.5g (34.99%)

By Made


Embark on an interstellar odyssey with Space Face #25 – the celestial offspring of Space Face OG and Gelato #25. This hybrid strain transcends mere intoxication, offering a voyage to realms of euphoria beyond the cosmos. Its aroma, reminiscent of a fragrant comet tail, melds the earthy, piney essence of Space Face OG with the sweet, dessert-like bouquet of Gelato #25. Prepare to be whisked away to a celestial garden, where buds flourish under the cosmic glow. Genetically, Space Face #25 is a fusion of titans: Space Face OG brings its otherworldly potency, propelling you into a cerebral orbit, while Gelato #25 adds a creamy sweetness that softens the journey. The result is a cosmic equilibrium that delivers both mental elevation and physical relaxation.

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