Types of Weed Concentrates 

When shopping around for different concentrates, going in blind might not be the best idea. To ensure you get what you’re looking for, you’ll want to know what kind of cannabis concentrate is best for you and what it’s made of. Each type of concentrate is made differently and produces unique effects on the mind and body.

You’ll also want to make sure what concentrates and products you can take together and how much you should be taking. Taking a few moments to learn about all this can be enough to make sure you’re getting high responsibly!

Solventless Cannabis Concentrates

The first type of marijuana concentrates is known as solventless cannabis concentrates. In other words, these are concentrates that are created without having to use any sort of chemical. Normally, this involves physical methods such as applying ice, heat, or pressure. Some users prefer these kinds of concentrates as no additional substances are incorporated into the procedure without compromising the potency and quality of the final product.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash uses a unique method to extract the desired trichomes: ice water. By submerging cannabis buds in ice water, the trichomes break off and create a resinous substance with the water. High-quality bubble hash is judged based on scent, color, and leftover residue when vaporized. 

One of the best ways to enjoy bubble hash is by adding it to your dab or vape. Many users seek out bubble hash for its uplifting yet relaxing impact on the body. If you’re looking for a rather cerebral high that is worth your time and money, then we recommend trying out some of this delectable concentrate.


Dry sift is a particularly interesting form of cannabis concentrate that is made without water while being extracted. Since it’s made without water or any kind of solvent, it is made by rubbing cannabis flowers against different kinds of screens. The ‘sifting’ method separates the trichomes to create powder kief.

That being said, dry sift is well-loved because it is especially versatile. Some budtenders will press together the kief to create hand hash or sprinkle it on to heighten the potency of another cannabis product, such as edibles.


Simply put, rosin is created by applying pressure and heat to cannabis plants in order to extract hot oil. Once this oil is curated, you can enjoy it in a number of ways, such as dabbing or adding it to vape carts. Since no solvents in rosin exist, it is not usually considered wax.

Nonetheless, rosin is considered to be a purer form of cannabis concentrate, which makes it an attractive choice for lovers of THC and CBD.


Kief is one of the lesser-known concentrates, but it comes directly from the trichomes you would find on marijuana buds. Kief is also known as dust because it comes in a brown, powder-like form. It’s worth noting that kief is highly sought after because it is often considered more potent than the flower itself. Since trichomes produce it, kief contains cannabinoids and terpenes that help create a powerful and flavorful bud of cannabis.

So how would you even use kief if it comes in powder form? Most weed enthusiasts have found that kief is a natural way of increasing the potency of your edibles or flower without worrying about man-made or unnatural additives.

Solvent Based Cannabis Concentrates

Now, let’s dive into solvent-based cannabis concentrates! This process is done by submerging cannabis flowers into chemicals such as butane and alcohol and then isolating the extract from the combined solution. In other words, the solvent used during this process can determine the concentrate created.

This portion of the article will briefly discuss the different types of concentrates created from this process.

Live Resin 

If you want to try live resin, you’re not alone. This particularly alluring concentrate has become popular in the community because it provides intense flavors and potent effects. Each manufacturer has their unique way of isolating the resin, which means each product is one-of-a-kind.

The process seems tedious, but it all boils down to freezing cannabis plants and extracting the desired compounds using a safe solvent. Most users prefer to vaporize or dab the resin to harness the full power of the concentrate.


THC distillate is relatively versatile since you can use it to make topicals, tinctures, and vape carts. This concentrate is created through distillation wherein a cannabis extract is stripped of impurities until all that is left is a clear and tasteless oil. However, don’t let its simple appearance fool you. You can find distillates that go up to 97% THC, making it an extremely desirable and potent product for weed lovers.


Created using butane hash oil, shatter is best known for its translucent, glass-like nature. During the cannabinoid extraction process, shatter is left to cool and harden on a flat surface, which is what gives shatter its signature texture. Most THC users prefer shatter since it can reach up to 80% THC. These THC levels can create amazing feelings of euphoria and calmness, which is difficult to find in other cannabis products. 

Getting the Best Weed Concentrates in DC 

Buying concentrates is just as simple as buying weed in DC. All you have to do is pick up the phone at your favorite local dispensary and make sure you have the right documentation to prove your age.

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Live Resin Concentrates

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Vape Cart Concentrates

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Concentrate Vape Cartridge

Our concentrate vape cartridges come in two flavors: Fruitridge and Permanent Marker. Both of these types contain hybrid strains but have their one-of-a-kind taste profile. Trippy Wizard also guarantees that every product is made from high-quality ingredients, well-trained cultivators, and gifted at an i-71-compliant shop.

How to Smoke Concentrates

When smoking weed concentrates, ensure you have the right tools and supplies! This can range from a dab rig, dab pen, vape pen, or vaporizer to get the most out of your marijuana concentrate. When setting a temperature, you’ll want to start anywhere between 500 - 580 Fahrenheit, depending on your smoking product. If it’s your very first rodeo, why not bring along a friend for the ride? It never hurts to ask for help from a fellow cannabis friend or a staff member from your favorite dispensary!


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