Weed Carts

Get ready to dive into the fantastic world of cannabis concentrates with Trippy Wizard, the best weed dispensary and delivery service in Washington, DC! Thanks to Initiative 71, recreational cannabis is legal in DC, allowing you to enjoy weed carts and other cannabis products.

Weed carts are booming due to their discreet, potent, and convenient nature. We'll go over everything you need to know about vape carts in DC to help you get the best vaping experience possible!

How To Buy Weed Carts DC

Buying weed carts and other THC cannabis products in Washington, DC, doesn't need to be stressful. Follow these simple steps to get your hands on some legal cannabis:

  1. Locate a Trustworthy DC Dispensary: Find a reputable I-71-abiding weed dispensary or smoke shop like Trippy Wizard.

  2. Choose Your Weed Cart: Select your desired high quality weed cart from based on your desired strain or effects.

  3. Add To Your Cart: Add the product to your cart in person with a budtender or online.

  4. Show Your ID and Pay: Present a valid ID proving you are 21, then pay with cash.

  5. Enjoy: Start vaping your THC weed cart and enjoy!

Types Of Weed Cart Concentrates 

With so many weed cart concentrates available, how do you choose the best one? We'll explore every type of THC concentrate found in carts and their unique differences. By the end, you'll be a cannabis connoisseur, ready to elevate your sessions to new heights!

Live Resin 

Live resin is a potent cannabis concentrate crafted using solvents to extract a full spectrum of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes from flash-frozen cannabis flowers. Unlike other concentrates, live resin preserves the plant's natural flavors and effects, delivering a flavorful and potent dose of THC in every hit. Simply put, anything labeled "Live" uses frozen buds to capture those fantastic terpene profiles and cannabinoids.

Live Rosin 

Live rosins are similar to live resin in the "live" essence but skip the solvents. It's crafted by washing frozen cannabis buds with ice-cold water through specific filters, letting only top-tier trichomes through. After drying, the trichomes undergo gentle heat and pressure to create a full-spectrum concentrate. Beloved by cannabis connoisseurs, live rosin vape pens offer purity, flavor, and potent puffs.

THC Sauce 

THC sauce is a cannabis extract known for its syrupy, gooey consistency. It's made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from frozen or cured buds, then purging to remove solvents. During curing, cannabinoids form crystal-like THCa diamonds, while terpenes become a sauce. Ideal for vape pens, THC sauce offers a terpene-rich cannabis experience.

Weed Sugar 

Weed sugar, or THC crystals, is a highly potent cannabis extract known for its sugar-like appearance. Unlike other concentrates, it lacks distinct flavors and aromas due to the absence of terpenes. With high levels of THC and no other cannabinoids or terpenes, inserting weed sugar into a vape pen delivers a fast-acting and potent hit, perfect for quick relief.

Cannabis Distillate 

Cannabis distillate, or cannabis oil, is crafted through a precise winterization and distillation process. This method isolates cannabinoids, primarily THC or CBD, using a solvent. The result? A potent concentrate boasting unrivaled purity levels among THC extracts. Unlike live rosin and resin, distillate contains only THC or CBD, devoid of terpenes or other compounds. Distillate carts are all the rage for their affordability and high potency.

THC Diamonds

THC diamonds stand as one of the most potent THC options among cannabis concentrates, alongside THC distillate. They're crystalline formations of pure THCA extracted from cannabis oil using solvents, later purged for purity. These crystals form and are separated from the remaining terpene sauce through a crystallization process. Typically dabbed due to their high potency, however, they are also found in top-tier THC vape cartridges and disposable vapes.

Best Weed Carts In Washington DC

Looking for the best weed carts in Washington, DC? Dive into the world of Trippy Wizard, where we offer a tempting array of THC vapes and disposables to suit every taste and level of expertise. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, we've got your back! Check out some of our favorites:

Fryd Extracts

1g Sugar And Sauce Carts: Indulge in premium vaping with Fryd Extracts' sugar and sauce carts. These gems combine potent THC sugar with rich terpene sauce, delivering a flavor explosion with every exhale. Dive into strains like Tropical Skittlez, Watermelon Gushers, Raspberry Blow PopMiami Mango, and Mystery Jawbreaker.

Boring Brand

Live Diamond Disposable Vapes: Experience bliss with a blend of live resin terp sauce and melted-down THC diamonds! These live resin disposables pack a gram of total THC content and come in indica and hybrid strains like Purple Candy, Frosted Cake, Blueberry Zlushie, and Magic Melon.

1.1g Premium Distillate Vape Cartridges: Crafted meticulously, Boring Brand's distillate carts combine pure THC distillate with award-winning terpenes. Each pull delivers mouthwatering flavor and is available in strains like Blueberry Muffins, Tropaya Watermelon, King Louis Bluenana, and Angel Food Cake.

Weed Carts Vs. Cannabis Disposables

Enter the world of innovation for cannabis enthusiasts with weed carts and weed disposable vapes – two groundbreaking inventions that have reshaped how we enjoy THC!

Vape cartridges and disposable vapes share a common goal: to provide a discreet and convenient THC experience. However, they differ in their design and functionality.

Weed Carts: Imagine a miniature treasure chest filled with various cannabis extracts. That's what a vape cartridge is – compact, versatile, and ready to deliver potent doses of THC. These carts require a separate vaping device for use, making them ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy frequent THC indulgence.

Cannabis Disposables: Picture a magic wand of THC, complete with a built-in battery for instant gratification. Cannabis disposables offer the same array of cannabis extracts but with the added convenience of a rechargeable or attached battery. Perfect for occasional cannabis enjoyment, disposables eliminate the need for extra parts, making them a hassle-free choice for on-the-go adventures.

Ultimately, your choice between weed carts and disposables hinges on your consumption habits. Whether you're a passionate THC connoisseur or an occasional dabbler, choose the option that best suits your needs and embark on your THC adventures with confidence!

Best Weed Cart Dispensary and Delivery In DC

Welcome to Trippy Wizard, your ultimate destination for all things cannabis in DC! As the premier dispensary in the area, we offer an extensive selection of top-quality weed carts and cannabis products, including pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, flower, and beyond. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you every step of the way when you visit our store. Can't make it in person? No worries! We also provide convenient online ordering and weed delivery services for our customers in Virginia and Maryland. Join us at Trippy Wizard for an unparalleled cannabis shopping experience!


Are weed Vapes legal in DC?

  • Yes, weed vapes or weed carts are legal in DC under I-71. Visit Trippy Wizard for the best THC carts and cannabis products!

How long does a 1g pen last?

  • A 1-gram vape pen's length of use will vary depending on the personal tolerance level of each user.

How much is a cart in DC?

  • Prices for vape cartridges in Washington, DC, can range anywhere from $40 to $100 depending on the quality of the extract and if it is disposable or not. Here at Trippy Wizard, we strive to make sure that all of our THC vapes are priced relatively at market value.

Are Live Resin Carts Better Than Distillate?

  • Live resin carts are more potent and provide a full spectrum array of cannabinoids and terpenes. Distillate vape pens only contain THC or THCa unless terpenes are added.

How should I store cannabis vape cartridges?

  • It would be best if you stored cannabis vape cartridges in a cool and dark area away from the sunlight and safe from those who are under 21.

How to find reputable weed cart dispensaries in DC?

  • Visit Trippy Wizard for all of your weed cart and cannabis product needs! Our products are lab-tested to ensure the highest quality products for our customers.

How can you tell if a weed cart is authentic and safe to use in DC?

  • When looking for weed carts in Washington, DC, you should only visit trusted dispensaries like Trippy Wizard. Also, ensuring your weed carts are lab-tested can ensure a safe high.

Does TSA Allow weed carts?

  • No, TSA does not allow weed carts or any cannabis products.

Do Live Resin Carts get you high?

  • Yes, live resin carts get you super high by providing a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.




As per the Washington DC Initiative 71, recreational marijuana cannot be bought or sold in the city, but it can be gifted. Check out gifted products and select delivery or pick-up from one of our public meet-ups. You can order over the phone or by placing an order online.



Once an online order is submitted, a member of our team will reach out to you if we do not have you on file to request a selfie with a valid ID to set up your account. Deliveries typically happen within 30 minutes before or after your selected delivery time from the time of confirmation, and we offer ASAP delivery as an option where a staff memeber will reach out as soon as possible We delivery to DC, Maryland and Virginia.



We will not deliver on federal/local government grounds per I-71 requirements. Once your order is out for delivery, you will be contacted by the driver with an ETA and we will text you with a live tracking link so you can monitor your delivery. Cash only for Trippy Wizard Weed Dispensary DC Gifts. Please have exact change as drivers will not carry more than $20 change or additional gifts on hand.