Fig Farms | Kush Newton | 3.5g

By Fig Farms


Kush Newton by Fig Farms - A Fusion of Flavors Crafted to Perfection Grown and Bred by Fig Farms: Experience the epitome of cannabis cultivation with Kush Newton, proudly grown and bred by Fig Farms. Our commitment to excellence shines through, ensuring a strain that reflects our passion for perfection. Lineage: Kush Mint Cookies x Figment 5 - A Unique Heritage: Delve into the unique heritage of Kush Newton, a harmonious blend of Kush Mint Cookies and Figment 5. This distinctive lineage contributes to the strain's exceptional qualities and sets it apart as a true masterpiece. Tasting Notes - A Symphony of Sensations: Immerse yourself in the delightful symphony of flavors with Kush Newton. Indulge in the subtle sweetness of Pandan Crepe, accompanied by the intriguing essence of Burnt Rubber, and savor the burst of grape-infused joy reminiscent of Grape Hi-Chew. Each puff unveils a new dimension of taste. Fig Farms - A Legacy of Excellence: Kush Newton is a testament to Fig Farms' legacy of excellence. With a commitment to cultivating and breeding exceptional strains, we bring you a cannabis experience that transcends expectations. Passionately Crafted - Terpenes and Flavor Exploration: Fig Farms continues its journey of passion, exploring unique terpene profiles and pushing the boundaries of flavor. Kush Newton stands as a testament to our dedication to the art of cannabis cultivation. Elevate your cannabis journey with Kush Newton by Fig Farms—a fusion of flavors, heritage, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. It's not just a strain; it's a crafted masterpiece for discerning enthusiasts.

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