CBX | Blewtooth | Indica | 3.5g

By Cannabiotix


Introducing our exclusive CBX bred strain, a fusion of the legendary Blueberry (Purple Thai x Afghani) from Dutch Passion and OG Raskal's WiFi OG. This meticulously crafted blend boasts a captivating aroma that beckons you to indulge. Rich in sweet, fruity notes, it embodies the essence of Blueberry with a subtle hint of classic diesel and gasoline undertones. With a nod to its OG lineage, its buds exhibit a striking purple hue reminiscent of its Purple Thai ancestry, ensuring exceptional bag appeal. Delight in the flavors of ripe, wild blueberries intertwined with subtle lemon kush undertones, delivering a smooth and satisfying smoking experience that lingers on the palate. Prepare for a tranquil, euphoric high that melts away stress and induces giggles, perfect for unwinding on the couch.

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