Fig Farms | Momochi | 3.5g (26.7%)

By Fig Farms


Introducing Momochi, an exquisite creation meticulously grown by Fig Farms and bred by Umami Seed Co. Hunted and carefully selected by Fig Farms, this exceptional strain boasts a lineage of Zabuza and Obama Runtz, resulting in a truly remarkable cannabis experience.Momochi presents two distinct phenotypes, each offering a unique journey for the senses. Phenotype #1 entices with bakery-inspired terpenes, delivering a kushy raspberry galette profile that delights the palate with its decadent aroma. On the other hand, phenotype #4 captivates with a refreshing twist, boasting orange soda and lime peel terpenes that invigorate the senses with their citrusy zest.Crafted with precision and passion, Momochi exemplifies the artistry of cannabis cultivation, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to explore and savor its diverse array of flavors and effects. Elevate your cannabis experience with Momochi and embark on a journey of unparalleled enjoyment.

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