Fig Farms | Dark Karma | 3.5g (28.6%)

By Fig Farms


Introducing Dark Karma, a meticulously crafted strain cultivated by Fig Farms and bred for excellence. Born from the union of Dutch Treat and Strange Love, this unique lineage yields a truly exceptional experience. With tasting notes reminiscent of banana candy, lemon cleaner, and Ritz cracker, Dark Karma tantalizes the senses with its complex flavors.Hand-selected for its robust terpene profile and potent effects, this particular phenotype of Dutch Treat x Strange Love stood out among its siblings. Its name, Dark Karma, reflects its tendency to develop rich, dark hues as it matures, paying homage to the 'Instant Karma' strain in its ancestry.While its potent banana aromatics could have inspired a different moniker, Dark Karma's chunky flowers speak for themselves. Unlike many batches, you'll find no shortage of sizable buds in each Dark Karma harvest. For a brief period, we unveiled an alternate phenotype known as 'Dutch Cookies,' offering a glimpse into the diverse expressions this strain can manifest.Discover the allure of Dark Karma and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.

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