Super Fungi | Wampa (Jedi Mind Fuck X Yeti) Peach Fruit Chews | 4G

By Super Chill


Introducing Super Fungi by Super Chill—a psychedelic journey in a tasty package! Each box contains 8 individually wrapped, .5-gram Peach fruit chews, delivering a total of 4 grams of Wampa magic mushrooms in each container. Elevate your experience with a burst of flavor in every bite. Explore the extraordinary with Super Fungi! The Wampa magic mushroom strain is a captivating fusion born from the union of Jedi Mind Fuck and Yeti varieties. Drawing its lineage from Jedi Mind Fuck, known for its nuanced effects, and Yeti, celebrated for its above-average potency in terms of psilocybin and psilocin, Wampa promises a unique and elevated psychedelic experience. While Jedi Mind Fuck may not boast exceptional potency compared to average Psilocybe cubensis varieties, the infusion of Yeti genetics elevates the Wampa strain to new heights. Explore the extraordinary synergy of these two renowned strains, delivering a distinctive journey for those seeking a truly exceptional magic mushroom encounter.

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