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Introducing the DMT Pen, a device designed to unlock extraordinary dimensions of consciousness and guide you on an unforgettable journey. This remarkable pen is infused with a secret recipe, containing a potent blend of 1 gram of high-quality DMT, combined with a subtle flavoring for a truly transcendent experience.To embark on your voyage, simply follow these steps:Prime 5 times with short puffs: Begin by priming the pen with five quick puffs, ensuring the DMT vapor is ready for your exploration.Take a deep drag and hold: Inhale deeply, allowing the mystical vapor to fill your lungs. Hold the breath as long as you can, allowing the powerful essence to permeate your being.Repeat for desired effect: If the desired blast-off experience is not achieved, repeat step 2, taking deep drags and holding the breath until the profound effect is attained.Prepare to transcend the boundaries of reality and explore the depths of your consciousness with the DMT Pen. This extraordinary device is meticulously crafted to provide you with a wonderful and awe-inspiring journey. Open the doors to hidden realms and unleash the power of your mind as you embark on an adventure like no other.DMT, short for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a powerful and naturally occurring psychedelic compound. It belongs to a group of chemicals called tryptamines and is found in various plants and animals, as well as being synthesized in laboratories. DMT is known for producing intense and immersive psychedelic experiences when ingested, inhaled, or injected. These experiences often involve vivid visual and auditory hallucinations, alterations in perception of time and space, and a sense of entering otherworldly realms or encountering entities. DMT is widely regarded as one of the most potent psychedelics and has been used for centuries in traditional spiritual practices and rituals by indigenous cultures DC Meetup or Delivery Only

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Yes, it is legal to purchase, gift, and consume marijuana in Washington, DC for adults 21 and over.

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Yes, we deliver to Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

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Yes. Initiative 81, also known as the Entheogenic Plant and Fungi Policy Act of 2020, was a ballot measure in Washington, DC that aimed to decriminalize the use, possession, and cultivation of entheogenic plants and fungi, including psilocybin mushrooms.



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