Best Smoke Shop In Washington, D.C

Best Smoke Shop In Washington, D.C

Trippy Wizard Cannabis Dispensary

Trippy Wizard DC Weed Delivery is an excellent in-store and online delivery service for recreational cannabis and magic mushroom products. We adhere to I-71 and I-81 requirements to provide you with the highest quality weed vapes, flower, edibles, concentrates, and shrooms. Trippy Wizard delivers the best weed and mushroom goods to Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Our store is located. The business is open seven days a week, and delivery orders can be placed online or by phone! Now, let’s look at our cannabis gifting menu to help you get comfortable and ready to place your order today!

Trippy Wizard Gift Shop Menu

Cannabis Flower

Trippy Wizard provides some of the highest quality cannabis flower on the DC market. Trippy is the best place to go if you’re searching for potent, aroma-filled trichrome glistening nugs! We also offer pre-rolls and marijuana flower by the ounce for those seeking higher quantities! Now, let’s take a look at our top Cannabis Flower strains:

Connected Cannabis| NightShade | 3.5g

Nightshade is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain was named for its heavy-hitting and sedative effects and is perfect for lovers of classic nighttime indicas. In addition to its high THC levels of 20-30%, this bud has a sweet and exquisite spicy cherry flavor with a peppery overtone that gets stronger with each toke. There’s a reason NightShade strain has become a Trippy Wizard fan favorite; stop in-store today or order this bad boy out for delivery!

Jungle Boys | Chocolate Chips | 3.5g

Jungle Boys Chocolate Chips are another Trippy Wizard client favorite. This strain, carefully cultivated by the legendary Jungle Boys, promises a symphony of effects, from a calm and relaxed state to an uplifting burst of euphoria and energy. Immerse yourself in the world of Jungle Boys, a collective dedicated to cultivating clean and potent cannabis. Try this Legendary strain out at Trippy Wizard Cannabis Dispensary.

Weed Carts And Disposables

Trippy Wizard Weed Carts and Disposables Are Not for the Weak. They all pack a potent punch, so proceed with caution. Our Carts provide a broad spectrum of THC, typically reaching 80- 90%. Here are our favorite weed carts and disposables!

Fryd Extracts | 2 Gram Diamond + Live Resin

Oh boy, you’re in for a treat! Fryd Extracts is a favorite among our clientele. This cutting-edge product combines the potency of diamonds with the richness of live resin to provide an unrivaled cannabis experience. The disposable device from Fryd Extract is designed to be convenient and easy to use. Inhale and enjoy the smooth, sweet vapor that this device produces. Indulge in the world of Fryd Extract and take your cannabis experience to new heights.

Omakase | 2g Live Resin Disposable

Our 2g disposable vape is a testament to quality, featuring the finest live resin for a truly elevated experience. Flavorful Escape, Anytime, Anywhere: Whether you’re a connoisseur or a newcomer, Omakase’s 2g Live Resin Disposable Vape promises a flavorful, potent escape. Elevate your vaping experience with the brand that epitomizes sophistication and quality—Omakase.


Cannabis edibles are a fantastic choice for cannabis users who don’t want to smoke and are craving the THC high. Cannabis edibles come in mouthwatering treats that get you high as a kite! Here at Trippy Wizard, we offer a broad range of edibles, from cannabis to shrooms. You’ll find gummies, chocolates, and marshmallow bars for your enjoyment. Here are our top-picked Edibles at Trippy Wizard:

Dee Thai | Solventless Rosin Infused Gummies

Dee Thai offers tropical delight that blends the essence of Thai flavors with the best cannabis genetics in rosin form. Each bag contains ten gummies, each with 10 milligrams of pure bliss. Brace yourself for a unique and compelling experience as each gummy transports your taste buds to the lush tropics with every bite. These are great for both beginners and connoisseurs!

Polkadot | S'more Fun | 4g

These delicious chocolate bars are filled with a magical mushroom blend, bringing you to a world of pure wizardry with 4g of mystical power. Handcrafted with the best silky and creamy Belgian milk chocolate, the S’mores Fun Bar is an unforgettable experience. There are no distractions or nonsense; it is just an exquisite state of bliss. Each Polkadot bar contains 4g of Psychedelic Mushrooms, and the dose guidance on the back of the packaging will help you navigate your mystical adventures. Embark on your journey today with Trippy Wizard Polkadot Chocolate bars!

THC Concentrates

If you’re looking for the most potent THC concentrates on the DC market, Trippy Wizard has you covered. Please stop by our store, where our friendly staff will be happy to take care of you and point you in the right direction! Here are Trippy Wizard’s top cannabis THC concentrates:

Super Dope | Solventless Live Rosin | 2g

Trippy Wizard’s Super Dope is one of our best-selling cannabis concentrates. Super Dope has a few strains, including Mega Z, Cherry Popperz, and Bubble Gum Poppers, all of which will blow you away! Mega Z Blue has 2 grams of Live Rosin. It has a lovely aroma starts with a burst of crushed candy powder, followed by a blend of aromatic herbs, pine, and earthy notes. This Solventless live rosin is sure to attract attention during a smoking session. You can’t go wrong with such a potent, super-dope concentrate. Grab yours today!

How To Purchase Cannabis From A DC Dispensary

Now, the time when you wonder How do I purchase cannabis at a DC dispensary? It can be confusing, but we will keep it short, sweet, and concise! Recreational dispensaries in DC are working on a gifting loophole under Initiative 71. This loophole permits businesses to provide marijuana goods as a gift with any merchandise purchased in their store. These merchandise could include stickers, t-shirts, hats, and so on. You can’t technically stroll into a smoke shop and expect to buy cannabis products because they aren’t legal to sell federally.

To qualify for gifting at any recreational dispensary in DC, you only need a valid 21+ ID and cash. Most dispensaries do not accept credit cards or debit for these sales. Trippy has an ATM in store to make things easier if you forget your cash at home!

Keep in mind that smoking on federal property is a criminal offense, and nearly 29% of DC is federal property. Be cautious when using cannabis products!

Why Trippy Wizard Is The Best DC Smoke Shop

Trippy Wizard is among the greatest cannabis smoke shops in the District of Columbia. With excellent testimonials and reviews, they are known for providing not only high-quality cannabis goods but also excellent customer service! With Delivery, Trippy Wizard distinguishes itself; who doesn’t enjoy relaxing while waiting for cannabis gifts to be delivered? We provide discreet, fast, same-day delivery!

Trippy offers a variety of deals and promotions suitable for any cannabis customer. With free delivery weeks and monthly discount offers, this dispensary will surely win you over. If you want only the best, look no further than Trippy Wizard Cannabis Dispensary!


What To Look For In A Head Shop?

When looking for a head shop, read reviews and ensure the dispensary offers high-quality goods free of fillers and dyes, is a reputable smoke shop, and follows all regulations and guidelines. Trippy Wizard ticks all these boxes and provides excellent customer service and support.

Is Cannabis Legal in DC?

Cannabis is essentially permitted under the I-71 Loophole, which allows businesses to provide cannabis gifts with a valid merchandise purchase.

How To Buy From A DC Smoke Shop?

Purchasing from a DC smoke shop is simple; you only need a valid 21+ ID for verification and cash! Walk into your preferred smoke store, browse the menu, choose which items you want, whether it’s stickers or a t-shirt, and then select your desired cannabis gifts to accompany your purchase! Simple.

Can anyone go to a DC dispensary?

Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome to visit a DC dispensary. Make sure to check this box since anyone under the age of 21 isn’t permitted inside.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Get Weed in DC?

You must be at least 21 years of age or older to get weed in Washington, DC.

Where can I find the highest-rated smoke shop in Washington, DC?

Trippy Wizard Dispensary is Washington, DC’s highest-rated smoke shop. They sell everything you need, including cannabis gifts and shroom products. What more could you want than the highest-rated dispensary, delivery, outstanding customer service, high-quality products, and monthly discounts and promotions? Shop Trippy Wizard.