Magic Wand Preroll | 1.5G Premium Flower Infused With .25 Diamonds | Saliva-Free | Strain: Gushers | Hybrid

By Trippy Wizard


Introducing Trippy Wizard Magic Wands – the epitome of enchantment and elegance. These magic wands are meticulously crafted to elevate your smoking experience to a whole new realm of wonder and delight. Each Trippy Wizard Magic Wand is a masterful blend of artistry and quality. We start with 1.5 grams of the finest, hand-selected premium flower, ensuring an indulgent and potent encounter with every puff. Carefully hand-rolled to perfection, our wands guarantee a smooth and satisfying smoke from start to finish. But what sets Trippy Wizard Magic Wands apart is their enchanting infusion. Nestled within the meticulous roll lies a captivating surprise – .25 grams of THC diamonds. These THC diamonds, meticulously sourced and selected, infuse your smoke with an extraordinary richness that's bound to leave you mesmerized. To top it off, our magic wands are designed for the ultimate sensory pleasure. The inclusion of a glass tip enhances the smoothness of each draw, delivering a delightful touch against your lips and ensuring a clean, pure smoking experience. Trippy Wizard Magic Wands are not merely smoking accessories; they are works of art, meticulously crafted to captivate your senses and transport you to a realm of unparalleled magic and pleasure. Indulge in the perfect blend of premium flower, the potency of THC diamonds, and the allure of a glass tip. Experience the enchantment with Trippy Wizard Magic Wands – where smoking becomes an extraordinary journey into the mystical unknown.

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