Cherry Cheesecake | Indica Dominant | 3.5

By Trippy Wizard


Cherry Cheesecake, also known as "Cherry Cheese Cake," is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Kimbo Kush and Cherry Pie. This strain boasts an irresistibly delicious flavor, combining sweet and cheesy cherry berry notes with a creamy, chocolatey exhale. Its enticing aroma mirrors its taste, featuring spicy cherries, creamy cheese, and rich herbal chocolate. The high from Cherry Cheesecake is deeply relaxing, ideal for unwinding after a long day, as it calms both mind and body with a light sedative effect, often leading to couch-lock. This strain also inspires a touch of creative energy, making it perfect for artistic pursuits or engaging conversations. With a THC level averaging 21-24%, Cherry Cheesecake offers a soothing and flavorful experience.

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