Super Dope | Mega Z dark | Solventless Live Rosin | 2g

By Super Dope x Hi Tech


Mega Z dark is 2 grams also known as Zoap, is a hybrid cannabis strain that is created by crossing Pink Guava and Rainbow Sherbet. This well-balanced strain has a rapid onset, inducing feelings of euphoria and positivity. According to reviews on Leafly, Mega Z Dark can make users feel giggly, relaxed, and hungry. Its flavor profile can include sweet, fruity notes of cherry or citrus, complemented by earthy undertones. Zoap may be a beneficial option for medical cannabis patients who are seeking relief from chronic pain, stress, depression, or nausea. Superdope has been highly successful with their Popperz series, and they have recently launched a new line called Mega Z, which pays homage to the popular Nintendo franchise. After significant research and development, the first product in this line is called Blue Mega Z, which is a unique blend of their Original Z, distinct from the Blue Zushi that it has been compared to.

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