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Visiting DC for the first time? No worries, we have everything you need to know about smoking up in the nation’s capital. Since the legalization of cannabis in DC, the community has flourished into a thriving and vibrant scene where you can find all kinds of top-notch cannabis products. Whether you’re on the search for pre-rolls, edibles, flower, hash, concentrate, or tinctures, DC dispensaries have got it all.

In this quick guide, we’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about easily getting high-quality bud in DC, as well as how to navigate the gifting system without accidentally breaking a rule or two! This system is relatively unique to DC, so it’s a definite must-learn before venturing into the nation’s capital. If you’re ready to have the high of your life, then read on to become familiar with the local DC laws and regulations. After all, no one wants to ruin a DC trip with a run-in with law enforcement!

Can you buy weed in DC?

When learning about DC’s cannabis rules, you have to get familiar with Initiative 71, especially because the technicalities can get confusing. Passed in 2015, this regulation outlines everything about procuring and consuming marijuana within legal limits.

What’s important to understand is that this regulation permits the sale of medical marijuana, but not recreational marijuana. More specifically, DC only permits the growing, gifting, and possession of recreational weed for adults aged 21 and above.

The legal amounts are also a must-remember in DC. If you’re carrying weed in public, remember you’re only allowed to have up to two ounces of weed. If you want to pass on some bud to a friend, you can gift up to 1 oz of weed to another legal adult. The DC gifting system actually relies on this technicality in Initiative 71. How so?

Let’s say you’re craving to light up a pre-roll during your DC stay. Your friend suggests an i-71-compliant cannabis store near you. When visiting DC dispensaries, you’ll find that you have to first purchase merchandise such as virtual art, music, and more. Once you choose your item of choice, the dispensary is then allowed to “gift” a cannabis product to you. This free gift will be whatever cannabis product of choice you’ve picked out.

While this might seem confusing, the gifting system is what lets DC citizens and tourists enjoy bud 24/7, 365 days of the year! Once you experience your first DC gift, there’s no going back. Luckily, DC also offers plenty of weed delivery service options and brick-and-mortar options to find your desired cannabis product!

Where to Get Weed In DC

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When buying marijuana in DC, you can either opt for applying for a medical marijuana card or exploring DC’s gifting system. Before purchasing from medical dispensaries, make sure to check for their license to sell and distribute medical marijuana. You definitely don’t wanna get scammed with poor quality bud! Luckily, a quick search will reveal directories that will show you where you can find verified and licensed dispensaries. 

If you come across dealers who aren’t associated with well-established brands, you might want to be a bit more cautious. Just like any other state, DC can have its own fair share of sketchy deals that don’t have your best interests in mind. Make sure to double-check your choices by reading user-posted reviews on Google Reviews, Reddit, and other platforms.

It also helps to do a quick background check on your dispensary of choice. Credible budtenders will have a website, a presence on social media, and reviews from past clients. They should also explicitly mention that they are committed to remaining compliant with Initiative 71.

If you’re looking to enjoy some high-quality weed, we recommend Trippy Wizard as they offer the best flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and magic mushrooms in the city! As one of the premier last-mile delivery for cannabis products, Trippy Wizard is well-loved in DC, Virginia, and Maryland for its top-notch product and variety of products. Open all days of the week, this local DC dispensary guarantees an easy and accessible way to have an out-of-this-world high.

How to Buy Cannabis Flower in Washington DC

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Interested in sealing the deal? Say no more! All you need is to prepare to show a verified identification card that confirms your age. Whether you’re buying from a weed delivery service or visiting a cannabis store, most dispensaries will ask you to present this ID before even beginning an inquiry. 

If you’re keener on buying from medical dispensaries, then you’ll need to secure a temporary medical card. With a registration fee of $30, you can get yourself a 30-day pass to any medical cannabis dispensary in the area. The self-certification process is also quite easy because you can do it online, but it’s not as cost-efficient if you’re traveling to Washington DC back and forth.

On the other hand, recreational dispensaries are easily accessible, as long as you have your ID. More and more physical storefronts are popping up, which makes it all the more easier to find your favorite DC dispensary! For first-timers, you might find it helpful to ask the staff on what products to start with. But if you’re not too keen on interacting with people, most also offer curbside pick-ups and delivery services as long as you preorder in advance.

Getting High and Staying Safe

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Now that you got the goods, be sure to smoke responsibly! Getting high in the nation’s capital can be exhilarating as you’re surrounded by centuries worth of history and culture. However, you’ll want to be careful about where you’re bringing your pot. Since almost a third of DC is considered federal land, you can’t be bringing out your goods just about anywhere! If you’re looking to smoke up, steer clear of places like the White House, National Mall, Fort Dupont Park, the Smithsonian museums, and more.

As a general rule of thumb, most public places are also out of the question when it comes to smoking. You’ll want to get insider information from locals about which establishments and joints are more 420-friendly. Some bars and clubs will allow some marijuana, especially those with open balconies and al fresco areas. Otherwise, it’s best to play it safe and enjoy your marijuana goodies at home.

Whether you’re a long-time smoker or a first-timer, DC weed might hit a bit differently, so you’ll want to ease yourself into the trip. Just like with any new weed dispensary, you’ll want to get a feel for how your body and mind react to the new products you’re trying. After all, each person reacts to weed differently, so it’s hard to give an exact recommended start.

To stay safe, start with a conservative amount and gradually up the dosage as you go. It’s better to start small than to go big and end up getting way too high to function. Also, make sure to have a buddy around if you’re experimenting with higher doses or with new forms of cannabis. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the fun experience after all!

To get the best deals in DC, make sure to stay in tune with the pulse of the town. Stop by local joints, bars, and cultural hotspots to meet weed enthusiasts and curators and get insider advice right away. While this might not seem appealing for everyone, luckily, there are plenty of online resources to find verified directories and forums about where to find the best weed in DC.


Visiting DC for the first time can be confusing if you’re not familiar with the free gift system that keeps dispensaries legal and accessible to anyone! When stopping by a dispensary for recreational cannabis, make sure to bring along your ID and know where you should avoid bringing out your weed. Now that you’re relatively familiar with the DC laws and regulations, the only question left is where to find the best weed in DC.

If you’re a fan of high-quality yet affordable flower, magic mushrooms, vapes, and more, then Trippy Wizard is the perfect place to kickstart your DC high experience! This local favorite has gained a lot of popularity in recent times for their authentic and top-notch product lines. Whether you’re a long-time smoker or a newbie to recreational substances, Trippy Wizard has got everything for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Call in now to get your orders!




As per the Washington DC Initiative 71, recreational marijuana cannot be bought or sold in the city, but it can be gifted. Check out gifted products and select delivery or pick-up from one of our public meet-ups. You can order over the phone or by placing an order online.



Once an online order is submitted, a member of our team will reach out to you if we do not have you on file to request a selfie with a valid ID to set up your account. Deliveries typically happen within 30 minutes before or after your selected delivery time from the time of confirmation, and we offer ASAP delivery as an option where a staff memeber will reach out as soon as possible We delivery to DC, Maryland and Virginia.



We will not deliver on federal/local government grounds per I-71 requirements. Once your order is out for delivery, you will be contacted by the driver with an ETA and we will text you with a live tracking link so you can monitor your delivery. Cash only for Trippy Wizard DC Weed Delivery Gifts. Please have exact change as drivers will not carry more than $20 change or additional gifts on hand.